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  Our Common Services at a Glance
01 Pre-marital enquiries
02 Post-marital enquiries
03 Enquiries about boys/girls seeking remarriage.
04 Positive assistance to husband/wives looking for divorce.
05 Gathering information for suspicious parents about the activities of their children; for children about the entanglements of their parents.
06 Enquiries regarding the character and antecedents of the applicants to the public/private/IT companies.
07 Discreet investigation regarding any person or firm.
08 Surveillance of any individual.
09 Enquiry regarding illicit undesirable relations of spouses.
10 Assistance in property transactions.
11 If you are an employer and if you are suspicious of someone under you we are here to help you to probe in to his or her character and give you a report so that you can run your business without problems.
12 If you are planning a business partnership, we can help you by gathering details about your prospective partner, his/her character and style of operation. This can save you lot of headache in the future.
13 When love-marriage is planned we can help you to gather details about the prospective families so as to make your venture a success.
14 If you are suspicious of your spouse and fear that he/she is having illegal affairs we can verify matters and give you a correct picture.
15 These days it is usual that sons and daughters stay away from home for work or study. The parents are out of touch with them. They are anxious about their conduct. We are here to help you. We can make detailed enquiries about their life style, activities, friends, the places they frequent and other important matters. We can brief you about such matters.
16 If you are considering the marriage of your son or daughter and weighing proposals we can help you to avoid frauds and pitfalls at the hands of the unscrupulous people by conducting detailed enquiries. We can collect all relevant details of the people involved. This will let you find a perfect match for your son or daughter.

| Personal information


| Report Delivery


We are well aware that our clients want maximum privacy and confidentiality, and to serve this purpose, personal information, such as name, address, land/mobile phone numbers, email address etc. shall never be disclosed to any of our employees or any unauthorized persons .We divide the work requirements of our clients in to parts among the investigators/field officers so that the “Need to Know” policy universally applicable to all Intelligence Agencies would be followed in our organization also.


On completion of the requirements entrusted upon us by our clients, the report would be sent/delivered as per the direction and convenience of our client at any place or mode. The outcome of the investigation/enquires/intelligence inputs will not be known to anybody other than our client at any cost