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| Pre-matrimonial Enquires  
| Surveillance

Surveillance is a method of shadowing a person without his knowledge to find out his activities. We will conduct surveillance on anybody with our experts in this field and collect relevant inputs as per the requirements of our clients.

| Fraud Claims

Nowadays, false motor and medical claims are increasing day by day. It is difficult to find out the genuineness of the claim. We will make detailed and secret enquires to find out whether any claim is genuine or fraud and the results thereof would be conveyed to the concerned company. We will also conduct highly confidential enquiries to track down the whereabouts of Keralites working within the State or outside, but missing from their place of work after committing frauds or huge financial malpractices. 

| Assistance in Property Transactions

In the wake of the sky-rocketing  in land prices in different parts of Kerala and the emergence of a fleet of land brokers and agents, shady land transactions have become common, causing the loss of your hard-earned.  Beware of Keralite NRIs who plan to make investments in land in Kerala.  If you plan to make any major land purchases in Kerala, please approach us.  We will conduct highly reliable enquiries and give you details such as its free-marketable title, any liabilities or encumbrance, pending litigations etc.

| Projects and follow-up assistance


A number of lucrative projects and schemes are in the offing in Kerala.  When you invest money in such projects, you should be clear about its financial viability or success.  Don’t be panic.  We will guide you properly.  Our experts will conduct highly reliable enquiries and will keep you posted with all their intricate details.  We will also monitor their progress and meet the requirements as you desire.


We are specialized in the field of pre-matrimonial enquires. This service could be utilized to find out a reliable and ideal spouse for your son or daughter or for any of your relatives, especially at a juncture when Keralites irrespective of caste and creed are getting more influenced by Western culture and their way of life.  If one fails to find out a suitable spouse, his or her whole life would be in great distress and misery.  Matrimonial disorders have become very common due to wrong selection of partners.  Thus pre-matrimonial enquiries are vital to avert such miseries.  In this 21st century, one can never depend on traditional marriage brokers for such tasks.  Rationale people assign professionals to undertake such enquiries. While conducting the enquires, we would be concentrating mainly on family background, antecedents, conduct and character of each and every member of the concerned family including their pre-matrimonial affairs, history of any chronic diseases like insanity etc. friends circle, previous matrimonial dispute in the family, social and financial status etc.The above enquiries could be completed within one week.

| Post Matrimonial Verification  

We are also specialized in conducting enquiries on the illicit affairs/relationship of both husband and wife.  We have got an excellent team exclusively for conducting the above enquires on a highly confidential manner.

| Enquires Connected with Divorce


Today, it is an era of separation of spouses after a short span of honeymoon. We would be conducting confidential enquiries as per the requirements of such partners, whose relationship has reached at the brim of divorce.  Our enquiries would cover a wide range of sensitive details such as their movable and immovable assets, bank deposits, shares and bonds etc.

| Pre Employment Verification  

In the era of growing extremism and terrorism, pre-employment verification of personnel has become necessary in all important organizations and firms.  We conduct thorough filed enquiries about the candidates regarding their character and antecedents, criminal background, reputation, qualification, friends, associates, contacts, actual date of birth, weak points, any kind of sympathy or loyalty to any subversive/banned organization or groups etc., in respect of all candidates seeking employment to govt./private establishments, IT and Management sectors.